Myopia prevention journal issue

Dr. Novack’s article on pharmacological prophylaxis of myopia was published in a special issue of  Eye and Contact Lens.  This issue (Volume 44 / Issue Number 4, July 2018) features articles on Myopia Control: Current thoughts and future research.  It was edited by Drs. Penny A. Asbell and Kazuo Tsubota.  The publication is based upon a symposium held in November 2017 in Tokyo at Keio University.  The issue includes authors from a wide variety of perspectives.  All agree – myopia is an epidemic that will continue to take medical resources to deal with the increasing number of affected patients worldwide.

Ophthalmic Drug Delivery – Dr. Novack quoted in EyeWorld

Dr. Gary Novack was quoted in an article on ophthalmic drug delivery in the May 2018 issue of ASCRS‘s EyeWorld.  Dr. Novack pointed out “…In considering what molecules might be most likely to succeed in a sustained delivery approach…this depends on the type of delivery system. If it’s a zero order, i.e., constant delivery with respect to time system, a molecule like brimonidine or timolol is most appropriate,” … “If it’s a pulsatile, i.e., peaks and troughs system, a molecule like the prostaglandins is the better choice.”  Dr. Novack has published several articles on issues in ophthalmic drug delivery, and worked on a number of successful products in this area.

The role of compounding pharmacies for topical ocular medications

There’s a lot of talk and confusion of the issues involved in the role of compounding pharmacies for topical ocular medications (eyedrops).  Please see this interview in EyeWorld in which I am interviewed about regulatory issues.  I address the special role which compounding pharmacies have played in the therapeutic process as physicians tailor therapies to individual patients.  At the same time, I discuss the issues in the use of compounding pharmacies for larger populations crossing state lines.

Dr. Novack’s Recent Publications

Dr. Novack published three recent key articles in leading ophthalmology journals. These are:


-How FDA views post-hoc analyses (moving the target after the arrow has been shot): Novack GD. The importance of a priori statistical planning in controlled clinical trials. Am J Ophthalmology 2015;160(1):4-5.

-Patient payments for prescription medications (Novack GD. What determines how much your patient pays for their medication in the United States? Am J Ophthalmol 2016;167(48-51).

View all articles by Gary D. Novack on the American Journal of Opthamology website.

-A “unified field theory” of treatment adherence and performance (Novack GD. Time to take your medicines, seriously. Ocul Surf 2016;14(3):410-415.)

View all articles by Gary D. Novack on the Ocular Surface Journal website.

Together, these articles provide insight on the unique perspective of Dr. Novack on drug development.

Also recently published was an overall review of ocular pharmacology (Novack GD, Robin AL. Ocular Pharmacology. J Clin Pharmacol 206: 56(5): 517-527. (ISSN)1552-4604, and an updated review of the utility of cannabinoids in the treatment of glaucoma (Novack GD. Cannabinoids for treatment of glaucoma. Curr Opin Ophthalmology 27(2): 146-150).

A complete list of Dr. Novack’s over 240 publications may be found at